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Facebook provides one of the best opportunities to drive profitable growth through paid advertising – let’s get your brand directly in front of ideal customers with high-quality creative content and a proven approach to media buying.


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Easily Reach Your Target Audience

Whoever your audience is, they’re most likely on Facebook – With nearly 1.7 billion daily users spending an hour a day on average, Facebook is still the easiest way to reach your customer base. We’ll help you define who to target and how to best use ad spend for the most conversions.

Go from ‘Unknown’ to Loyal

One of Facebook’s key features is the ability to know who has seen your ad before, and how they’ve interacted with your brand previously – Through our strategic paid media strategy, we’ll help you kick-off top of funnel conversion campaigns for first-time buyers all the way through driving repeat engagement for loyal customers. It’s what they call a ‘full-funnel approach’.

Creative Content that Converts

“Impress me…” your target customer is saying into their mobile device  – in today’s competitive world of paid ads, only high-quality creative content receives any attention. We’ll help you ideate and deliver eye-catching and value-add content that genuinely resonates with your customers and boosts your marketing ROI.

Get a FREE google ad Account Audit

Get Actionable Google Ads Insights with your FREE Audit

Find out if we’re the right Google Ad agency for you.

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Facebook (Meta) Ads


How Do I Get Started with Porter Media and Facebook?

Now, that’s a great question! The best way to work with us is by contacting us here on our website. While you are here, you may also want to browse through our other services and see our track record by checking out our case studies.

Once you do that, buckle up and let’s make your sales soar! We can’t wait to hear from you and help you profitably scale your Facebook ad campaigns above the competition.

How Can Porter Media Help Me Market with Facebook?

Years ago, Facebook ads were easier to manage. If you ran a small to medium brand, you could successfully handle Facebook ads in-house with just two people or even one superstar.

Today, it's not that easy. With so many new Facebook features, ad formats, and iOS updates, scaling Facebook ads takes much more than a one-man team.

The expectations of users have changed as well. It now takes more to make your creative stand out among over 10 million active advertisers.

The moment you find a winning ad, you need to keep optimizing it and ideally outperform it with a new one. You can thank ad fatigue for that! It happens when your audience becomes bored with your ads and stops paying attention.

These days, if you’re using a large daily budget, ad fatigue can occur within three to four days.

At Porter Media, with our expert team and partners, we have proven time and again that we can create wildly creative Facebook ads that allow you to scale your brand profitably.

With our help, Muslin Comfort increased their Facebook ROAS by 3.46x and went from 5 to 7 figures in just one year.

We helped our other client, Deco TV, go from $0 to $10 million in 2 years and boosted their ROAS 5x.

We’re proud to say we’re the best in our field. That being said, if you ever face a challenge that's not within our area of expertise, we will send you to a partner who has shown high-quality results that meet our standards.

Why Work With Facebook Ad Agencies?

Facebook ads are constantly evolving, with new features and updates being released nearly every month. That’s why many brands partner with Facebook ad agencies like Porter Media to ensure they keep up and get the best results.

Here are the main reasons why you should partner with a Facebook ad agency if you want to scale fast and profit big with Facebook ads:

  • Save Time: Developing, managing, and optimizing your advertising campaigns is time-consuming. Instead of worrying about your ads, you should focus on growing your business by doing what you do best.
  • Save Money: Working with an agency can actually be more cost-effective than handling it all in-house. That's because when you partner with an agency like Porter Media, you gain access to our designers, videographers, analysts, and other professionals. Hiring all those professionals in-house would be much more expensive and, if you decide to get just one person to do it all, it's almost certain it will lead to ineffective campaigns that end up burning your money.
  • Creativity: When it comes to running effective ad campaigns, the most important thing is creativity. Agencies employ talent that keeps your ads relevant, engaging, and on point.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Working with an agency means you can get immediate results. At Porter Media, we’re used to dealing with customers who need results quickly, so they can turn around ad campaigns and give their business a critical advantage.
  • Resourcefulness: Agencies like Porter Media have learned to adapt, working with clients in diverse sectors and handling budgets of different sizes.
  • On the pulse: Facebook ad agencies have to keep monitoring the platform’s updates as they happen. Taking advantage of new technologies can boost advertising campaigns big time.
  • Faster and better results: You’ll find it’s much more effective to tap into the know-how, talent, and experience of an agency than to slowly figure things out on your own.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Despite growing competition from TikTok and other social media platforms, advertising on Facebook remains as strong as ever.

In fact, the high ROAS from Facebook ads, achieved for our customers at Porter Media, proves that both large and small brands can still use the platform to scale profitably and fast (for example, 514% YoY revenue growth for our client Muslin Comfort).

So, whether you want to reach a wider audience, convert more customers, or both, Facebook ads are 100% worth it. However, to be successful today, most companies need well-produced creatives and a highly organized marketing campaign to stand out from the competition.

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Reach: As the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook provides you with the widest reach, one that extends to more than 2.9 billion active monthly users.
  • Diversity: The audience on Facebook virtually spans across all demographics, so no matter who your business caters to, you’re sure to find your audience on Facebook.
  • Full-Funnel Targeting: Facebook is likely the only platform that successfully caters to users at any stage in their journey. Its ad formats, targeting options and measurement capabilities work whether you’re promoting a product launch, running a brand awareness campaign or pursuing conversions.
  • Psychographic Targeting: Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow you to reach your relevant audience through a wide range of lifestyle characteristics, such as interests and life events, rather than by demographics alone.
  • Audience Targeting: Facebook ads can self-select whom to target, whether it’s your brand's fans, friends of fans, behaviors or interests, or remarketing to users who previously visited your site.
  • Competitor Targeting: While you can’t target fans of other brands on Facebook, you may target users who have indicated desired brands as their interest. This can be a powerful tool when you wish to go after well-qualified users.
  • Variety of Ad Formats: Facebook offers 10 different kinds of ads, and this variety gives you plenty of opportunities to reach your audience and successfully drive results.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

There’s no simple answer – Facebook advertising costs can vary a lot. The primary factors are:

  • Timing: The day and time that a Facebook ad shows make a difference.
  • Bidding Strategy: Advertisers can choose either lowest cost or a specific bid cap.
  • Target Audience: Reaching in-demand audiences with more competition costs more with Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Ad Relevance: Poor engagement ranking, quality ranking, or conversion ranking can increase Facebook ad costs.
  • Ad Placement: Higher-competition placement is naturally more expensive than lower-competition.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

A Facebook ad is a sponsored post that appears on a user's screen as they scroll through their Facebook feed.

Ads target audiences based on the user's location, demographic, and profile information.

Facebook ads are sorted by campaigns. Separate campaigns can be defined for different products and/or different audiences. Specific goals can also be set for each campaign and each goal's performance can be measured independently.

Whenever someone views a Facebook ad, it’s recorded as an "impression."

If a Facebook ad receives likes and comments, this is recorded as "engagement."

When people click an ad and visit the associated website, their engagement with the ads is measured by tracking metrics such as clicks and cost per click.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising is one of the most commonly used marketing channels in the world, and it's easy to see why: There are over 2.9 billion people using Facebook each month.

It provides the ability to display advertising on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger; offers great segmentation; and provides powerful targeting capabilities to advertisers.

In 2022, US advertisers will spend $58.11 billion on Facebook ads, up 15.5% YoY, making Facebook the #2 digital ad seller in the US, after Google.

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