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Appeal in 5 Seconds or Less

Snapchat is the most popular app for 12-17 year olds, yet nearly 51% of U.S. Snapchat users are over the age of 25 – given the short videos and even shorter ad spots, we’ll help you create a robust ad creative and data-driven marketing strategy that appeals to the Gen Z and Millennial audience in 5 seconds or less.

Grow with Subscriptions & Channels

After a tumultuous start, Snapchat has finally found a solid approach to marketing and advertising. Allowing users to subscribe to feeds and publications, Snapchat gives advertisers valuable insight into who is watching their content, and in what context – like a modern cable package where viewers pick all the channels. We’ll work with you to find the most effective channels and broadcast concise messages that spark intrigue and entice cross-platform action.

Creative Content that Converts

Your audience continually expects to consume media in new and interesting ways, but if your company doesn’t meet expectations, then you won’t convert customers – We’ll help you deliver high-quality creative content that genuinely resonates with your customers and boosts your marketing ROI.

Get a FREE google ad Account Audit

Get Actionable Google Ads Insights with your FREE Audit

Find out if we’re the right Google Ad agency for you.

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Snapchat Ads


How Can I Kick This Off?

The best way to work with us is by contacting us here on our website. While you’re here, you may also want to browse through our other services and see our track record by checking out our case studies.

So, snap or don’t snap, but let’s see how you can profit from this app so loved by Gen Z and Millennials. Your brand may be the new cool kid on the block sooner than you think!

How Can Porter Media Help Me Market with Snapchat?

Snapchat has exploded in popularity, and whether you’re on board with the app or not, there are ways to profit from it.

At Porter Media, we can help you navigate the crazy waters of the app – from its 10-second self-destructible videos to its cartoon face filters.

Here’s our process:

  • Analysis: We start by getting to know your brand identity, values, and current marketing efforts. Then we create content that fits with what you’re already sharing with your audience, while at the same time making sure it’s unique.
  • Creative Stage: We leverage our findings from the previous step to create content that gets you attention, follows and clicks from as many Snapchat users as possible.
  • Target: We combine Snapchat’s targeting mechanism with our own research to best determine who is your target audience and what kind of content is most likely to reach them.
  • Optimize: When you have a winning ad, we’ll help you create and test variations that get you even better results.
  • Scale: Once we see what works for a given audience, we can start to reach even more people and at a lower cost.

Snapchat Ad Formats

Snapchat keeps users highly engaged with its creative content formats. Here are all of the formats you can use to get the highest ROI from your ads:

  • Snap Ads: Video or photo ads that appear throughout the content on the platform. These ads are typically five seconds long.
  • Collection Ads: Photo and video ads that include a series of items to swipe through, presenting more information than normal Snap Ads.
  • Story Ads: Slides that appear in the “Discover” section of the app where users can learn more about news, events, and your brand.
  • Snapchat Lenses: Snapchat's lenses let users add cool effects and offer fun ways to interact with your brand.
  • Snapchat Filters: Unlike lenses, which are added to Snaps after they have been taken, filters are added to existing Snaps by swiping through the different options while viewing a Snap. You can create a custom filter to help your brand stand out.

Are Snapchat Ads Worth It?

By now you can probably tell that Snapchat is quite different from other social media, and you may wonder if it’s right for your brand. Here’s an overview of its benefits:

  • Engagement: Snapchat users are hyper-engaged. According to VentureBeat, as many as 65% of them post their own content. Taco Bell once said that 80% of their more than 200,000 Snapchat friends open their Snaps. So if you’re looking for an active audience, Snapchat might be your place!
  • Targeting: Snapchat allows you to reach your target audience through powerful targeting mechanisms using data from the Oracle Data Cloud. You can also leverage geographical location, interests, behaviors, lookalike audiences, and more.
  • Reach: Even though it’s mostly used only by Gen Z and young Millennials, the app still has over 530 million monthly and 330 million daily active users in 2022. That puts it in 6th place in popularity among all social media platforms.
  • Audio and Visuals: If you want your audience to not only see but hear your message, Snapchat is the perfect option. Its users view more than 60% of ads with audio on, and the full-screen visuals ensure your ads get more of their attention.
  • Results: Despite the ephemeral nature of Snapchat content, advertisers can get very real results on the platform. In fact, U.S. Snapchatters are five times more likely to click on your ad than users of other social media!

How Snapchat Works

If you’re over 25, trying to figure out how Snapchat works can be a bit of a struggle. But whether you find the app appealing or not, it’s good to know why over 150 million young people do – and how your business can profit from this trend!

First, unlike with most social media apps, to really use Snapchat you can’t shy away from putting your smartphone camera to work. Once you create an account you’ll need to give the app access to your camera to capture images or videos.

You press the button at the bottom of your screen to take a photo or hold it down to take a video.

When you’re ready to share your just-snapped photo or video, you can set a time limit or let it loop continuously. Once the recipient sees your Snap and navigates away from it, it disappears.

Snapchat also offers three features: “Chat”, “Story”, and “Discover”.

“Chat” is similar to instant messaging services like WhatsApp, with the key difference that messages vanish once they’ve been viewed.

“Story” allows for sharing photos and videos with your friends to see for 24 hours. It’s a way to share a glimpse of each day.

Finally, the “Discover” feature allows users to browse through content posted by publishers and brands rather than their personal friends. That's where you come in!

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app that allows users to send photos, videos, and text messages called “Snaps” to friends.

The app is free and has gained extreme popularity among young people. Over 60% of Snapchat users are aged 24 years old or younger!

In the first quarter of 2022, Snapchat had 332 million daily active users worldwide, which was nearly 10% more than the previous quarter. The app is especially popular in the U.S., where it is used by 78% of all 18- to 24-year-olds.

Gen Z and Millennials fell in love with Snapchat’s unique feature that makes messages automatically disappear from the recipient's phone after a few seconds.

This feature gave Snapchat’s users more of a spontaneous, authentic experience and helped the app stand out among other social media sites, where most photos are usually posed and look more curated.

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