Case Study

How we helped Deco scale from $0 to $10 million within 2 years


Generated within 2 years


Increase in ROAS


IG followers generated

The Brand

Deco TV Frames offers premium frame and digital art options for Samsung Frame TVs. Since its founding, the company has provided custom TV frames to discerning clients in the United States and around the world. Deco partnered with Porter Media when their product was making its first appearance. They knew they needed to power-up their digital presence and establish their brand as a leader in this new niche category.


The objective of our partnership was to familiarize customers with the product benefits and transform Deco into a household name in their niche. The client tasked us with helping them identify a strategy to connect with their highly specific customer type. We relied on narrow targeting and newly created content to amplify appeal and intensify demand.


Low customer awareness of product

Extremely specific niche

Our Approach

Develop better understanding of customer profile to enable effective narrow targeting

Identify key value propositions, target audience, digital marketing methodology

Craft clear messaging strategy

Differentiate brand from competition using unique selling propositions (client was authorized Samsung reseller)

Leverage previous Frame My TV business to position client as niche expert

Produce ad creatives effectively highlighting key product features, benefits, transformative results delivered to customer

Geo-target TV & audio-visual conferences to boost awareness of delineated group

Engage influencers to boost awareness

Revamp sales funnel to lower CPA (cost per acquisition)

Create remarketing campaign

the result

$10M+ Generated Within 2 Years, 5x Increase in ROAS, 80K+ IG Followers Generated

Scaled from $0 to $10 million in 2 years

Boosted ROAS (return on ad spend) by 5x

Made business-specific flows the best-performing email flow, further increasing sales

Client’s 60-day LTV lift improved to 20%

Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Social Media Advertising

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