Case Study

How we helped V-Flat achieve a 142% increase in sales and a 400% increase in returning customers


Increase in sales


Increase in repeat customers


New customer ROAS

The Brand

V-Flat is an online retailer focusing on photography and accessories. Their mission – providing top tools for content creators. In 2018, the company introduced the first foldable backdrop to the US market, ensuring more professional photoshoot results for thousands of customers. V-Flat partnered with Porter Media to develop an effective email and social media marketing strategy which would increase customer loyalty and boost customer engagement.


The objective of our partnership was to identify V-Flat’s target audience and engage it using creative content on multiple channels, with the ultimate goal of strengthening customer loyalty and increasing repeat customer revenue. The client also tasked us with enhancing their email marketing setup and establishing a more effective creative testing strategy.


Too few repeat customers

Low customer loyalty

Decreasing paid social results

Lack of effective creative strategy

Lack of effective email marketing

Our Approach

Develop a more accurate customer profile to boost user engagement

Identify two target customers – product photographers and human/model photographers

Create retargeting campaign to boost repeat customer revenue and reinforce brand loyalty

Implement email & SMS marketing to improve customer journey, build brand recognition, increase customer LTV (lifetime value)

Migrate email marketing to Klaviyo from Mailchimp for better analytics

Restructure paid social accounts to empower ad performance

Use UGC to boost brand loyalty and enhance engagement

the result

+142% Increase in Sales, +400% Increase in Repeat Customers, 3.2x New Customer ROAS

Increased revenue generated through repeat customers by 400%

Increased sales by 142%

Increased LTV/CPA to 4.03 – for every $1 spent acquiring a new customer through paid advertising, the business made $4.03 back in revenue

Increased revenue from emails/SMS to 23%

Increased new customer ROAS to 3.2x (average)

SMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Advertising

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