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Did you know that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising continues to be the number one tool for marketers globally? Businesses big and small value cost-effectiveness and accurate targeting, which keep them loyal to this proven marketing avenue.

The undisputed leader in PPC campaigns continues to be Google – despite other alternatives, more than 80% of global businesses use it for their campaigns. Paid advertising on Google is an important resource for both big and small businesses who want to drive more awareness and traffic to their site.

Google Search Ads

What Are Google Search Ads?

Search ads are keyword-driven digital advertisements that appear on search engine result pages.

These ads can appear on Google’s Search Network across the top, bottom, or next to search results.

Google Search

Google Play

Google Maps

Shopping tab

Search partners across thousands of other websites and apps

How Does Advertising on Google Work?

Google Ads operates under a pay-per-click (PPC) model. That means you target a specific keyword on Google and make bids on that keyword, competing with others who are targeting it.

You set a “maximum bid” – the most you’re willing to spend on your ad. You only spend money once someone clicks on it, hence the pay-per-click name.

For example, if your maximum bid is $6 and Google determine that your cost per click is $3, then you get that ad placement! If they determine it’s more than $3, you do not get it.

You can also set a maximum daily budget for your ad, ensuring you’ll never spend more than a specific amount for that ad per day. This can help you better understand how big of a budget you should set for your digital ad campaign.

You have three options to choose from:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): Select how much you pay when someone clicks your ad.

  • Cost-per-mile (CPM): Select how much you pay per 1000 ad impressions.

  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE): Select how much you pay when a user performs a specific action on your ad (watches a video, signs up for a mailing list, etc.).

Google Search Ads
Google Search Ads

Why You Should Use Google Search Ads

Search ads are so powerful because they reflect the user's intent. Rather than trying to reach as many people as possible like traditional advertising does, Google Search Ads allow for more fine-tuned targeting. This prevents you from wasting your advertising budget trying to convert people who are unlikely to buy.

These days, Google Search Ads allow you to target your desired audience not only with keywords but also based on demographics, interests, purchase intent, website signals, and remarketing data.

With Google Search Ads, you have the opportunity to:

Start Small and Scale Up

Control Your Budget

Drive Website Visits

Get More Phone Calls

Increase Store Visits

Find Customers Within Your Budget

Improve Your Ads Over Time

With opportunities like these and Google’s domination among search engines, it's easy to see why it’s the most profitable form of online advertising for many businesses.

What Does a Google Ads Agency Do?

Running and optimizing Google Ads can end up costing you a lot of money per inquiry if you do it the wrong way. And with the introduction of Performance Max, Google’s new goal-based campaign type, effectively managing your Google Ad campaigns on your own can become even more confusing. By partnering with an experienced Google Ads agency like Porter Media, you can skip the hassle of staying up to date with Google’s updates and set yourself on the path to successfully unlocking new, profitable growth.

By working with a Google Ads agency, you can:

Stay Up to Date With the Latest PPC Information

Gain Deep Data-Driven Insights

Get Quick Help Whenever You Need It

Leverage Their Industry Expertise

Gain Knowledge Beyond Google Ads

If you'd like to avoid common pitfalls when using Google Search Ads, such as underspending on Google Shopping, overspending on branded search, or capturing only bottom-of-the-funnel shoppers, an experienced Google Search Ads agency like Porter Media can help you unlock new growth and scale your brand profitably.

Google Search Ads
Google Search Ads

Best Advertising Practices on Google

Whether you decide to dip your toe into Google Ads on your own, or partner with an agency, there are a few things to keep in mind. Do them, and you’re likely to leapfrog ahead of the competition.

Prioritize Google Shopping

Don’t Overspend on Branded Search

Add Negative Keywords

Keep these advertising practices in mind when you use Google Search Ads.

Google Search Ads can allow you to leverage Google’s massive reach and target the right type of customers at the right time. When done right, they’ll help you not only increase your brand awareness online but, most importantly, put your product in front of people actively searching for it. If you're not leveraging Google Ads at all or as effectively as you’d like, get help from an expert Google Search Ads agency and partner with Porter Media today!


Get Actionable Google Ads Insights with your FREE Audit

Find out if we’re the right Google Ad Agency for you.

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