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66% of all paid clicks (AKA Google Search Ads) go to Google Shopping Ads. Using intricate product information, we will help you set up a complete Google Shopping experience that attracts customers with valuable product information.

Boost Sales & Highlight Inventory

Google Shopping is a highly effective avenue for customers to find the exact product they want. We will help you leverage product information, not keywords, to decide when, where, and how to show Google Shopping ads.

Improve Your ROI

Through our data-driven and granular approach to Google Shopping, we are able to control and optimize every aspect of your campaigns. We work closely with you to improve your product feed, increase the relevance of your ads, and drive more sales.


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If you own a DTC brand that is selling products online, there is no doubt about it: Google Shopping ads should be a part of your marketing strategy – they now drive nearly 80% of all retail search ad spending!

Google Shopping Ads are the only advertisements in the search engine results that allow you to use photos, providing a better experience for customers and a higher chance of conversion for your brand. As an experienced Google Shopping Ads agency, we are always recommending our clients to use Google Shopping ads. The potential ROI is simply too big to miss out on. If you want to fully capitalize on Google Shopping ads, reach out to Porter Media today!

Google Shopping Ads

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping ads allow you to visually display your products to consumers. When someone searches for an item you offer, Google will display your Shopping ad among those of your competitors. When a consumer clicks the button on your ad, they will be sent directly to your product page. Since viewers have already been shown all the key information, including product name, price, description and photo, this increases the probability of converting them into customers.

Why Use Google Shopping Ads?

Unlike traditional text ads, Google Shopping ad campaigns offer, on average, a 30% higher conversion rate! This gives you a chance and fully tap into the enormous reach of Google’s search engine and sell more of your products to your target audience.

With Google Search Ads, you have the opportunity to:

Boost Your CTR

Rank on Top of Google Search Results

Capture Higher Quality Leads

Drive More Visitors to Your Website

Appear Multiple Times on Results Page

With Google Shopping now accounting for 66% of all Google ad clicks, it is easy to see why most advertisers are moving ad budgets from Search to Shopping Ads. If you want to capture the most clicks and increase your sales, you need to get on board with this trend.

Google Shopping Ads
Google Shopping Ads

The Best Bidding Strategies for Google Shopping

Google Shopping campaigns can be a powerful way to engage customers by using the world’s most popular search engine. Unfortunately, marketers who lack expertise often end up wasting this opportunity. That is because most of them spend a lot of time and energy on creating the content, but they do not have any specific strategy in place when it comes to bidding. They rely on Google’s automated bidding strategies, which can often limit their growth.

An experienced Google Shopping agency can manage your bids manually, giving you an edge over your competitors and help you ace your Shopping campaigns. Here are some of the manual bidding strategies you can use to effectively scale your brand with Google Shopping:

Use Custom Bids for Bestsellers

Exclude Item IDs That Show Low ROAS

Raise Your Bids During Promotions

What Does a Google Shopping Agency Do?

Since Google Shopping ads are driven by your merchant feed data, properly setting up this feed is crucial in ensuring the success of your campaigns. While Google is providing Automated feeds for brands that want to instantly generate a feed right from their website, you should still test different feed variations including different titles, descriptions, prices, and images. However, running these tests can be difficult, especially if you are selling multiple products. It requires you to get in the middle of Google’s automated process and constantly optimize for best results.

By working with a Google Shopping Ads agency, you can:

Setup Google Merchant Center Correctly

Establish Your Primary Feed

Test Supplemental Feeds

Easily Adapt to Changes on the Platform

Get Maximum Exposure

Improve Your Bidding Strategy

Get Reports on Your KPIs

Google Shopping makes it easier than ever to start driving traffic to your store, with algorithms that can automatically do a lot of heavy lifting for you. That said, to see the highest returns on your Google Shopping ad spend, it’s worth remembering that there is no one-size-fits all. Manual adjustments and expertise are still required, especially with all the changes continuously being rolled out to the platform. If you are currently not seeing the results you want with Google Shopping, get help from an expert at Google Shopping Agency and partner with Porter Media today!

Google Shopping Ads


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