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Text message marketing boasts a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery – nurture leads with the most effective, automated SMS campaigns.


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Expand Your Reach

The world has gone mobile – We’ll help you instantly engage customers with highly-personalized text and SMS campaigns that can drive mobile sales and website visits with a click.

Boost Retention & LTV

Never let a good lead go to waste – Let’s leverage visual storytelling, strong branding, and personalization to build brand loyalty, improve the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and make the most out of your marketing budget.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

SMS marketing has the highest engagement metrics, but getting subscribers can be a challenge – We’ll help you create sustainable and effective SMS strategies that will delight customers and boost your marketing ROI.

TikTok Advertising

Facebook Is Over? Not With the Right Creative

Lower your customer acquisition costs and make Facebook an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. We will combine your branding with customer research and competitor analysis to create photo and video ads that make not clicking almost impossible for your target audience.

The TikTok Experts

If you’ve been thinking about jumping on the TikTok wagon, the time is now. Our team will help you get the attention of Gen Zs and position your brand at the forefront of this new, exciting movement, so you not only get more ROI on your ads, but also stand a chance of going VIRAL – when things really get crazy.

TikTok Advertising

Why Choose Porter Media as Your SMS Marketing Partner

Boost your revenue and customer engagement without being seen as intrusive

Full-Funnel Approach

Increase the effectiveness of your messaging and maximize your growth with integrated digital marketing services. We provide email marketing to further boost the results of your retention strategy.

Done-For-You Strategies

Get personalized campaigns that deliver results within your budget. Our team performs extensive research to maximize the ROI on your SMS marketing.

Transparent Reporting

With Porter Media in your corner, you’ll get in-depth insight into your SMS marketing performance, enhancing the health of your entire retention marketing.

Ready to Send It?

Establish a deeper connection with your customers and start to scale at an incredibly low cost with SMS marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maximize Success with SMS and Porter Media

If you're still sitting on the fence about SMS marketing, now is the time to jump in and get an edge over your competitors.

Our results show that when it’s done properly, and it’s well-integrated with other marketing channels, SMS Marketing can boost your brand’s revenue AND customer loyalty.

To see how we can achieve this for your business, reach out to us on our website here. You can also check out our case studies here to see how we used SMS Marketing to help brands scale up from 5 to 7 figures in one year. Get in touch today, and let’s do the same for your brand!

Porter Media Advantage

By leveraging our skills and experience in other areas of digital marketing, we plan out campaigns and automations to make SMS an integrated part of your marketing funnel, and not just a separate silo.

We're experts at creating highly engaging SMS messages and incorporating subscription, reviews, rewards, and referral and loyalty programs.

We use SMS marketing to boost your sales through promotions, discounts, and limited-time offers.

To keep your audience engaged, we share important updates and new content via mass texting, and we create excitement with text-to-vote polls.

We also help you build relationships with your customers through two-way conversations and by setting up SMS customer service.

Our full-funnel approach to SMS resulted in a 3,000% increase – from 0.86% to 20-30% in revenue retention for our client Muslin Comfort.

With our creative services, we can help you build better customer experiences that lead to increased loyalty, a unique brand identity, and higher conversions.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • It's Permission-based: This makes your SMS marketing list extremely powerful, as it contains customers who have already decided they want to hear from you regularly.
  • It's Instant: What’s better than having your message received and being able to get and review results immediately?
  • It's a Mass Communication Tool: Almost everyone owns a cell phone. You can reach your subscribers by text instantly with SMS marketing.
  • It's Trackable: It provides you with insight into which marketing messages appeal to your audience – and which do not – so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Why It Works

Some people doubt the effectiveness of SMS marketing. They see it as invasive or just plain boring.

But those perceptions are usually influenced by marketers who first started sending SMS marketing messages a decade ago. A lot has changed since then!

The first thing to know about SMS marketing is that it can be extremely effective because it reaches people directly on their phones.

If you send it to them, they will get it. The only question is if they will open it, but they sure do – 98% of all text messages are read and 90% of those messages are read within just three minutes!

That’s a huge difference compared to email open rates, which average around 20%.

It's not just because people don’t check their emails as often and as quickly; it's because there's a risk that your emails will be caught in spam filters, where they'll go unseen. With SMS, that can't happen.

And while it may be harder to get people to sign up for text messages than email, once people do sign up, they don't mind receiving offers – more than 70% of Americans said they would like to receive deals from their favorite businesses via text.

SMS messages can also be highly engaging and entertaining, as we now have so many emoticons we can use as well as the option to add images.

How It Works

SMS marketing involves sending out text message campaigns, promotions, news, and more to customers who have opted in.

Same as with email marketing, SMS gives you complete control over who receives your marketing message, what content you share, and when you decide to send it. As a result, you maintain full ownership of the experience you create for your customers from start to finish.

Two types of SMS marketing can help you achieve different goals: promotional and transactional.

  • Promotional SMS Marketing: The goal here is to boost sales, promote products, or increase your brand awareness. You can use these kinds of messages to announce new product launches and run special sales or promotions.
  • Transactional SMS Marketing: Here, it’s all about getting your customers the information they need. That can be order confirmation details or shipping information. It’s a great way to keep them informed and build customer loyalty.

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